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 currency value

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مُساهمةموضوع: currency value    الخميس أكتوبر 25, 2018 7:18 pm

How the currency value was determined and why it’is high and discounted; paper money in the past was printed with the value of the gold holdings of countries, but since the 1970s when America began printing the dollar outside the gold cover, a new phase has begun in which the currency is determined by freedom by governments. Some countries determine the value of their currencies according to the currency market, ie, according to the supply and demand, the value of which increases if the demand increases, and vice versa, and there are countries whose currency is linked to a foreign currency. For example, the Gulf countries are pegged to the US dollar. The currency may be linked to a basket of currencies such as the Kuwaiti dinar. As they see fit for the nature of its economy. This value does not necessarily reflect the strength of the economy, the currency may be weak and the economy strong, such as the Japanese yen such as the Jordanian dinar. The main reason for this is that the countries that depend on export and foreign investments are served by the weak value of the currency. The importing countries are in favor of the high value of the currency. Ashkabad, Turkmenistan
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currency value
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